Monthly update

October 2023

Live chat

We’ve expanded our team of mortgage experts into Glasgow. They’ll complement our existing Live Chat teams in Liverpool and Sunderland.

Since its launch, you’ve rated the service 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Log in to the Intermediary hub to use Live Chat.

Amending an existing application – pre-contract mortgage changes

Our Live Chat and telephone support teams can make changes to your submitted applications.

You’ll still need to upload a mortgage application change form but if it’s an urgent change, send us a Live Chat message and we’ll make it.

These are some of the details we can change:

  • Financial commitments
  • Employment type and income
  • Purchase price
  • Loan amount or deposit
  • Product selection

Our Know Your Customer (KYC) team will need to review changes made to clients’ personal details.

We can only make a change if we have a fully completed mortgage application change form and the necessary supporting documents on file. 

Our latest policy changes

1. Umbrella agency contractor holiday pay is now included for affordability

We were deducting holiday pay for umbrella workers, but we’ve now changed our policy to include it for affordability.

2. Scottish Child Payment is now an acceptable benefit type

We didn’t have a clear policy on Scottish Child Payments and only referenced Child Benefit. We’ve updated our policy to allow it as an acceptable benefit type if it will continue for 5 years from the point of application (for children aged 11 or under).

3. Landlord to tenant under value sales now accepted

Some buy-to-let landlords are exiting the mortgage market and selling at a discount to their tenants, so we’ve updated our policy to allow this scenario.

4. State pension can be proven with a bank statement

Getting a letter from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to show pension values often delayed applications. We’ve updated our policy to say that state pension can now be proven with a bank statement.

5. Optional benefits can now be left out for affordability

By taking optional benefits as commitments, your clients’ affordability was reduced compared to applications made with other lenders. We’ve introduced a policy to allow non-committed spending like optional employee benefits to be disregarded for affordability. This only applies if the client can opt out annually or more frequently.

Get better access to underwriters when you need them

We can now refer you directly to an underwriter for queries that our live chat or telephone support teams can’t fully resolve.

They’ll be on hand to discuss complex or borderline cases, giving you more confidence when submitting a new application.

Where to go for help

Use our Live Chat service in the Intermediary hub for:

  • Case updates, including signing off basic income documents
  • Urgent pre-contract mortgage changes
  • Help with submitting a new application and using our online systems
  • New business, product, and policy enquiries

Call our mortgage support team on 0345 073 3330 for:       

  • Urgent pre-contract mortgage changes
  • Assistance in submitting a new application
  • Guidance on using our online systems
  • New business, product, and policy enquiries