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Barclays Green Home Mortgages

Available for residential and buy to let, our Green Home Mortgages reward customers who are buying an energy-efficient new-build home directly from the builder or developer

We’ll offer them a lower rate on certain fixed-rate mortgages compared with the equivalent option from our standard range, as well as some exclusive Green products (subject to lending criteria)

Service snapshot

We want to offer you and your clients the best service, so please only contact us if your case is outside of the current service timings listed below.

Service  New lending –Initial review New lending case review – Further documents & info Residential lending – Average time to offer Buy to let lending – Average time to offer Post-offer review – Further info/queries Rate Switch (PT) – Application review
Service timings 4 working days 4 working days 23 working days 32 working days 3 working days 5 working days
Further info Lending assessments
To speed things up, please make sure you’ve uploaded all the required documents before the initial review.

You can log into the Barclays Intermediary Hub and visit ‘My Cases’ to view outstanding case requirements.
Case updates
You can log into the Barclays Intermediary Hub and visit ‘My Cases’ to get your latest application updates.

You can also check the latest valuation status by selecting ‘Valuation Status’ when reviewing each individual case.
Rate switch (Product transfer)
Once processed, you’ll get a copy of your client’s rate switch offer by secure mail.

Go to ‘Intermediary Password support’ above if you need to reset your secure mail account.