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Reassuring remortgages

Many of your clients will be looking to get their finances in order after the holiday period, which could be a great remortgaging opportunity for you.

  • £100bn+ balances resting on a pay rate of 3.75% and above1
  • £98.5bn of balances mature between June – October 20191
  • Find out below how we can help you take full advantage

Resources to support you

Remortgage potential factsheet

Find out why there’s a fresh opportunity for you and your clients.

Products and support factsheet

Win and retain clients with our comprehensive range of remortgage deals.

Working with you

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Log in to our Intermediary Hub to submit your remortgage case.

Our products

See our latest rates for residential and buy-to-let clients who want to remortgage.

Affordability calculators

Work out how much your residential and buy-to-let remortgage clients could borrow.

Lending criteria

Compare market rates to see if your buy-to-let clients could save money by remortgaging with us.

More reasons to work with us

  • Our remortgage range is geared to creating long-term value for both you and your clients.

    • We offer a competitive and comprehensive range of fee and no-fee fixed, tracker (including lifetime trackers), offset, specialist remortgage and buy-to-let mortgage products
    • All new and existing tracker-based products come with our Switch and Fix feature
    • All our mortgage products follow on to a lifetime tracker (BEBR +3.49%, currently 4.24%), rather than an SVR
    • Once with us, your clients have access to the exclusive rates from our existing customer Reward range
    • Clients with Help to Buy Equity mortgages (England, Wales and Scotland) can remortgage with us using a suitable product from our standard range
  • From being one of the first lenders to introduce proc-fee payments for rate switches to the launch of our Reward range in 2016, a strong retention offering has always been at the heart of our mortgage proposition.

    Have you considered our Reward range?

    We offer your clients fee and rate discounts across our three distinct Reward ranges, exclusively available when switching rates or borrowing more on their Barclays mortgage.

    • Residential mortgage clients (maximum total aggregate lending up to £2m)
    • Residential mortgage clients (total aggregate lending between £2m and £10m)
    • Buy to Let mortgage clients
    • New online rate-switch tool for easy applications
    • No proof of income or underwriting for rate switches
    • Proc fees of 0.2% for rate switch and 0.3% for further advance

    You can view our current Reward range of products and log in to our Intermediary Hub to use the rate-switch tool.

Important information

  1. CACI Ltd data, May 2019

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